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Musician and Business Related Friends:
Northern NY's finest event photography available: Framing Moments - Deb  Experience, patience, quality .... doesn't get any better!


Bob Watts, now in Central Florida, missed in northern NY, check out his new site:


1000 Islands Limo Service? That's right! Free rides in Alex Bay? That's right! Silver Sky Rides.

The Hudsons: Remember The "ROAD" from Buffalo? LIVE music is rare anymore, good LIVE  music is scarce, amazing LIVE entertainment is extinct .. unless you're in the audience of The HUDSONS!

Target: The last of the Professional Show Bands in the country. Based in Hilton Head, SC an amazing family act 2nd to NONE. The oldest “kids” in the music business, becoming younger with age.

Double Dare: Bob & Renee Seitz – An energetic duo based out of SW Florida ....WOW!  Renee’ is a powerhouse show-woman, Bob is a multi-talanted keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist, arranger, and web designer.

The ScintasUnbelievable Talent - the most successful "lounge act" I've ever know...they have 'made it" to the top of the live entertainment arena...the BEST in Las Vegas in just a few short months. Be sure to see them when you go out west.

Myles Loud: The "KING" of night club entertainment in the SW Florida area. A 3 hour show is generally 4 hours with NO breaks. An entertainer who loves what he does and it shows.

David Moore: The only drummer doing a sequenced show...and doing it better than most!

Tim GoodmanA fellow Floridian musician...keyboard, vocalist  and flute player of the finest quality in the area.

Cahlua & Cream:  30 years of harmony, showmanship, a genuine love of the music business, and family value, Don & Lesly Hale are a standard for performance entertainers  .. of the BEST in live stage entertainment. Check out their site and see for yourself.H


Carey Lee Rush:  An original "purest" guitar player/singer who has stayed true to his Unplugged roots. Relocated to New England CL is right at home back where he started many moons ago.

Kevin Thomas: Sadly missed as Full-time resident of the Marco Island music community but returns to STAN’S in Goodland on occasion. A Top Notch musician with a voice that won’t quit .. check him out, then go see him in action!

Dan Vass:      One of the most unique, accomplished musicians in the country...and he's on Marco when he’s not on Mickey’s big red boat. We all agree: he's the "musicians musician".

A husband/wife duo in the Pt. Charlotte area. Dom and I played together in a band in Buffalo
in the early 70's .. when we had hair.

Mike Martin: Local musician, friend, neighbor gets a web site. Give a listen. If I can’t do a gig I will refer MM .. he’s come a LONG way Baby, truly a PRO!

Smokin’ Bill: One of, if not the most versatile guit pickers in SW Florida, and all round nice guy.

The Moondogs:    A "HIGH TECH" duo from NNY doing music that NOBODY is doing and "kicking ass" along the way.

Paul "sequence" Ferguson:     He's a musician from New York, he sequences music for a "living", and his name is.....Paul Ferguson, but he's not me.  I've never met him in person but we have a lot in common, even though we're as different as day and night.  Check out the site of this talented guy.  You’ll see him on PBS specials and at the Apollo in NYC .. yeah, he’s that good!   

A third Paul Ferguson playing music in New York State.   What an interesting life this guy is having.

Frank Carroll: Rastafarian EXTRAORDINAIRE, The Real Deal, Reggie at it's BEST!!! Marco resident and good friend. Dreadlocks to his ankles, voice, guitar styling, pure and articulate.

Jazz violin, steel drum, "Floribbian" ,"Global Country", THE senior entertainer of Marco Island, Florida His new CD is fantastic! Fiddle, Steel Drum, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, song-writer, SOTA studio in his house. Life is good!

Vinnie Jacobs: A VERY talented guitar player/singer...unplugged and "electric" sounding.
Look for him on Ft. Myers Beach at the Beach Pierside.

Rick Robinson: "He Ain't Dead Yet"..far from it. FMB Entertainer of the Year … Great musician and friend.  See his NEW site.

Andy Taylor: My partner on stage  since 1977. A true master entertainer.. guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, flute, trumpet, double trumpet, sings, impersonations, and a funny guy. The duo of
FERGUSON& TAYLOR performs year round in northern New York.

Mike Gallagher: A true Super Star in the Talk Radio business and genuine guy.  A man with Celebrity status and a "Guy next door" personality. Glad to have known him before he became a GIANT in the radio & TV industry.

Cousin Doug:
My "real life" older cousin from Buffalo.  aj,dc,tk, but NOT "late for dinner". : Super Sax player from Naples.

Bikejacket: If you own a motorcycle you NEED a Bikejacket. Completely encloses your scooter and defies the elements of nature. Get one today!

Dave Yuen Show: A husband/wife duo from WNY spending winters in Naples ... Big Band Music like nobody else. Don't miss these Seasoned Entertainers

It's Wolly-Bully himself: Composer of the song by the same name, along with "Fast Eddie" (Nolder) from Northern New York, boasting the biggest following in SW Florida ... check out they're site!

Mr. Maurice Pierre -  
Why? Because he can! Just go to his site and learn about a musician, a friend, a brother with a ton of talent and a giant heart ... even with the Canadian Exchange he emerges as the King of stage and entertainment.

Juggles the Magic Clown:
Tim Dumas, good friend formally of  Northern NY, now living in NC ... talk about FUNNY!!!!!

Billy Bridger: From Kingston, Ontario Canada... He does SHOW! Costumes, comedy, parodies, balloon tricks.  Lives in Naples winter season. My “younger brother” is the busiest guy in showbiz .. yes, even before JB kicked the bucket. Summer months find him in Kingston, Ontario, dinner cruises and Nightclub gigs.

Lee Lyons: 239-537-8706 Complete entertainment needs from single act to major "Stars" in the music business.  Representative of William Clare Entertainment. Tampa Bay, Florida.    There are agents, ("don't call us, we'll call you") then came Lee. He knows what his client wants and is familiar with his acts. Comedians, magicians, musicians, BIG Bands, duos, single acts, National Show groups, etc, etc., etc!




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